Say Hello to ‘A.L.O’ the Hotel ‘Botler’


Starwood Hotels innovative Aloft brand is currently trialling a robotic butler, or ‘Botlr’ in its hotel in Cupertino, California. If successful the plan is to roll out the robot into nearly 100 of the groups properties.


Its name is A.L.O, phonetically pronounced ‘el-oh’, and stands at 3ft tall. A.L.O acts as the intermediary between the front office desk and the guests. The plan will be for guests to be able to call through requests to reception, with staff then loading up A.L.O and punching in the guests room number so it can interact and complete the requests.


Speaking to CNBC, senior vice president for Aloft hotels Brian McGuiness commented: ‘I think there is a chance that this could go enterprise-wide based on a successful pilot,’

The move compliments the Aloft brand and will be well received in the early-adoption hub that is California. The robot might not be for everyone however, given that it still relies on relevant information being supplied by a human in order to respond to requests; some of the more conservative guests might put down the technology to over-engineering. OCM.

Image: NY Times

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